Dynamics of Rural Society Journal is expected to be a medium for disseminating research results, analytical criticism, and the results of literature studies. Dynamics of Rural Society Journal provides space for researchers, academics, and practitioners to develop, publish, and disseminate scientific articles in the field of rural community studies covering several specific topics including:

  1. Agrarian Studies
  2. Group Dynamics of Peasant and Fishermen
  3. Empowerment and Social Welfare
  4. Rural Community Development
  5. Social Capital
  6. Remote Indigenous Community
  7. Social Conflict
  8. Social Structure and Stratification
  9. Village Government
  10. Poverty and Social Inequality
  11. Social Identity (Ethnicity, Religion, Race, and Group)
  12. Transmigration
  13. Gender and Division of Labor
  14. Social Solidarity
  15. Social Change
  16. Livelihood Strategy
  17. Family and Kinship System
  18. History, Customs, Traditions, Culture, and Local Wisdom
  19. Covid-19
  20. Rural Economic Studies
  21. Rural Policy and Politics
  22. Village Fund

The focus and scope of the study in this journal is closely related to people's lives in rural areas. The results of the research published in this journal are expected to contribute to solving problems that occur in rural areas, as well as being a source of reference and consideration for the government in policy making.